We provide  the following Services.

We follow SDLC  for Software Development and Implemtnation.

Software  Analysis and Design

--Software Analysis, Design and Impmentation of new Product or Change in Existing Proudct    Software.
--Product Estamation with Cost,Time,Manhours .
--Technical document Perparation.
--DataBase and RelationalDatabase Design using all RDMBS concepts .

Software Implmentation.

--We do time based implementaion Using different porgramming languages and Technologies.
--We also provide programming specification and doucmentaiton for product.

Software Tesings 
--Automated as well as manual Testings we provide with Usecase and Test Case Result.

Reporting  Services
 --We made all busines and other reports like Crystal Reports for Reporting purpose.

Web Designing  
 --We do web desigining  for website  using Photoshop,Flash,Coreldraw  and other technologies.  

Online Marketing,SEO  
 --We do different types of online marketing,Search engine optimization